This year has been quite the experience. For better or worse, as a matter of necessity we must make the best with that which we are given. We have experienced an unprecedented number of unknowns and uncertainties. This notice is to give each of our established and prospective patients some peace of mind to receive the treatment they need and to do so without undue stress of additional unknowns.


As has been common practice since we first opened in 2015, we are actively monitoring local, state, and nationwide cases of communicable disease outbreaks. We are proud to state that we have been successful in prior years, taking necessary safety precautions to decrease the spread of illnesses. We have accomplished this through educating patients and screening each individual during heightened times of airborne pathogens. 


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Doc's Body Shop has continued to provide ongoing chiropractic care.

We are proud to state that we have not recorded one case of transmission of the virus from our clinic.

With ongoing COVID-19 diagnoses, as well as seasonal influenza and the plethora of other pathogens during the Fall and Winter seasons soon approaching, we believe it is important to keep you informed.


Safety Precautions in place at Doc's Body Shop:


  1. Everyone entering our clinic, from patients to Doc's Body Shop staff—are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and other illnesses, including having their temperature checked. 

  2. We do not require masks to be worn, though encourage patients to do so if they believe it to be in the best interest of their health. A mask will be provided if you opt to wear one though do not have one available. Additionally, patients may request in advance that staff wear masks during their time at our clinic if they believe it to be in the best interest of their health.

  3. We are doing more sanitizing than we ever have before, especially of high-touch surfaces in both patient care and public spaces. The treatment room, with the greatest emphasis on all areas of the treatment table, are intensely sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant. Doorknobs, light switches, and furniture are additionally cleaned between patients.

  4. We have implemented gaps in the daily schedule between each appointment to avoid, to the best of our ability, overlap of patients within the clinic.

  5. Hand-sanitizer is available throughout our clinic for your convenience. 

  6. Chiropractic is predominately a hands-on profession. That said, we can offer telehealth appointments to provide healthcare advice within our scope of practice. Some of the most common ailments we see in the clinic can be resolved by guided instruction by our provider.


In times like these, our hope has been to continue serving the great people of Clinton and surrounding areas as safely as able. We believe we have done this, and will continue to do so. Now that your mind is (hopefully) more at ease, schedule your next treatment with knowledge of what safety precautions we take and will continue taking. As always, we strive to give you PEACE of mind to LOVE your health.

God bless. We are honored to serve you when you need us.