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Q : I have heard your thoughts on chiropractic DIFFER FROM MOST OTHER CHIROPRACTORS. what gives, man?

My mission statement is simple: "Best Crack In Town".
DISCLAIMER: Despite looking unkempt at times, I do not dispense the illegal street drug known as "crack".


However, the adjustment AKA "crack" is the best in town. The irony is that I do not believe that the "crack" is the essential treatment in anything other than acute musculoskeletal issues. I believe that this is most commonly effective for temporary relief, often requiring patients to return regularly by making unsubstantiated claims of the efficacy of the treatment. Interested or offended? If the former, continue reading. If the latter, perhaps consider continuing to read for things you may not have been told previously.

Soft tissue injuries/imbalances and improper neuromuscular (motor control) patterns are the cause of MOST ailments that are seen in a chiropractic setting. The "subluxation" (I shiver at this word) theory that many chiropractors use is a theory that is outdated. This is why chiropractic is becoming a professional where you either choose to have a practice founded on false theories and pretenses to make more money at the expense of the patient's time and money, or you practice yourself out of a job. I would prefer to stick to what I believe to be the best interest of the patient, and that includes honesty, thorough biomechanical/orthopedic/functional movement assessments, high-level musculoskeletal therapy (not just a "crack" or three and out the door), empathy, and providing evidence-based practice rather than the hocus pocus, abracadabra "chiroquacktic" practice.


My appointments may take slightly longer, though most patients had no idea treatments of the sort existed until walking through my door, and find they have to see me less often. Not that they do not enjoy my company (I think?), rather that the TRUE issues were being resolved with not only a "reset" though also empowering the patient with the "reinforcement" tools and resources s/he may need to spend less time and money on musculoskeletal healthcare and more time feeling healthy and well.

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